Premium Features

Advanced Animation

Advanced animation technology allows to change the action and movement path of the characters according to your requirements, making your animation more vivid and creative.


Al voice-over tool makes text-to-speech conversion easier. Converting texts into a globally spoken dialect will make your animated videos look more coherent.

Diverse Asset Library

Utilise the intensively-categorised assets available at Doratoon for your animation videos.

From characters to props and templates, using relevant elements to help you make your video effective and attractive.

PPT Importing

Turn a boring PPT into an eye-catching animation video with Doratoon to bring your presentation into next-level. Making animation video is as easy as making PPT!


How to Make Animation Video with Doratoon in Minutes?

Start your Creation Now

Create a new video

Design the intros of your YouTube video to make them engaging for your viewers.


Use the animation characters of Doratoon to present a real-world experience to the viewers with proper animations. Make your content look alive for the YouTube viewers to compete among others.

Download and Share

Present the perfect end to your YouTube video that would make your viewers view more of your content.

Tips for Making Animated Videos

Design a complete plan

Whenever you are out creating an animated video for any specific purpose, you should always create a plan for your video. With a hold of all parameters in creating an animated video, define the step-by-step process so that the execution can become easier for everyone involved in the process.

Make it understandable

From the character to the text included in the animated video, everything should be designed in such a way that it can be understood by the diversity among users. The content delivered across the video should be comprehensive, which is why you need to design the video with the simplest and most effective way possible.

Use some fun props, music and narration

To captivate your audience, the video should include fun props, music and narration. The content of the video should be interesting enough to allow the viewer to focus more on the complete animation video.

Quick Start Of Incredible Templates

Fast and simple to kick off. Super friendly to beginners.

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