Say Happy Birthday with Videos

Select a Template

Produce creative birthday wishes videos by selecting the appropriate template for the birthday boy or girl. You can choose from staff birthday video templates, birthday videos for friends, or more and edit to your satisfaction.

Modify the Content

Adjust duration by clicking the +or- buttons at the bottom right corner. Modify alignment, size, opacity levels, and color on the right panel. Then add shadow effects, preferred font, and line and word spacing.

Customize the Video

Make your happy birthday wishes video unique using the provided backgrounds, texts, images, music, and animated characters. You can also import photos, videos, and a soundtrack to your production to fully personalize it.

Export the Video

Upon completing your birthday wishes video, you can save it on the software, download it or share it directly on social media.


What You Can Do with Birthday Video Maker

Start your Creation Now

Birthday Video Letter

You can create filmed productions of your wishes, accomplishments of your loved ones, and the importance of their presence in your life in the form of a letter to make theirs a happy birthday.

Birthday Video Card

Make appropriate birthday video cards for your loved ones, whether children, friends, or parents, within minutes. To specialize your message, explore tons of templates for greetings, invitations, slideshows, and GIFs, among other elements.

Birthday Party Invitation

Invite your friends and family to your birthday celebrations using an exciting digital invite. Explore Doratoon's birthday templates and tailor the visuals, fonts, colors, and more to express your individuality and respect for the different demographic groups.

Birthday Party Recap

Import videos and photos of your special day and quickly make a birthday recap. Use birthday stickers, and customize fonts, colors, and sizes to your liking.

Tips for Making Birthday Videos

Lend Your Voice

You can give a short speech, quotes by famous personalities, or sing on the video to excite the recipients. The speech could be a recap of the last year or shared fun memories, a recording of a warm quote, or you singing the happy birthday song.

Share Interesting Visuals

Consider shooting your videos on places of interest to the recipient, uploading old photos of you two to bring nostalgia, or interviewing the recipient's loved ones. Put the footage together in a video online to stream or watch on a TV during the celebrations.

Invite Family and Friends

Invite family and friends of the birthday boy or girl to make their contributions and make a memorable and lasting birthday video. You can have as many as possible to speak on the video, sharing advice, wishes, and memories.

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