Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

Break Down Complex Issues

Animations are diverse and bring in the humor and fun in any visual content for easy interpretation. It simplifies complicated issues and illustrates a hard-to-understand product or service.

Grow Your Clients

Cement the trust of loyal customers, appeal to diverse demographics, and even go with consistent, creatively animated clips.

Improve SEO rankings

Generate backlinks, create social media buzz, and increase website traffic using engaging animated explainer videos. Appear on the first pages of search engines and attract more inbound links.

Build Rapport with Clients

Establish close and harmonious relationships with clients using animated explanations. Attract customer feedback, and engage in interactions to develop rapport with your clients.


How to Create Explainer Videos with Doratoon

Start your Creation Now

Picks a Suitable Templates

Produce stunning explainer videos from thousands of whiteboard explainer templates depending on your needs.

Edit Your Video

Make your video visually attractive by replacing elements in the template with imported material. Put transitions between scenes, change font styles, add filters and shadow effects and more.

AI Voiceover

Use the voice role to turn text into speech, alter audio, and change the inside pause and speed between words.

Export and share your video

Export and share your animated explainer video directly to social media, save it on the platform, or copy the URL to forward as you wish.

Tips for Making Explainer Video

Choose a topic and format type

Ensure your animated explainer video is easily found by giving it a topic reflecting your clients' problems. Research your target audience and decide on the video format depending on your target demography and social media platform.

Script and tell a story

Take time to write a script for your explainer video, as audiences need more patience for poorly articulated ideas and thoughts. Start by outlining a concise goal derived from a common audience issue, give a quick explanation, and steps leading to the solution.

Use illustrations

Take advantage of illustrations, including free stock footage and images, to give powerful presentations. Illustrations effectively provide visual stories of concepts, actions, and information you want to convey. That helps highlight your originality, provide a human touch, and offer comic relief.

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