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Non-realistic voices are hard for people to engage. With human sounding text-to-speech in a variety of tones and different genders, you can easily create your training materials in a high quality.

PowerPoint to Video Converter

Convert a mundane PowerPoint into dynamic video. Simple and easy! No need to create it again!

Animation Effects

Customized scenario-based training by applying animation effects to move objects in a sequence that tells an effective story. Instead of talking to your learners, allow them to see the animated world that help to amp up learner's engagement and knowledge retention.

Video Alignment

Using grid lines to perfectly align your texts and other elements in your video saves time in creating professional content.


Making Training Video with Doratoon in 3 Steps

Start your Creation Now

Select Template

Go to "Workbench" and select the template according to your preferences.

Customize the Video

Make your own training video by using the text, props, characters and music present at the top and left sides.

Export and Download

When you are done click on export to download it to your device.

Tips for Making Training Videos

Choose a Topic and Format Type

Before anything, first, pick a useful and relevant topic. You should then decide on a video format depending on the required time and effort and the type of knowledge shared. So consider a screencast, presenter video, micro-video, role play, animation, and more formats.

Script and Tell a Story

If you want a training video that keeps your audience interested, make proper preparations for your scene's layout, visuals, and words. Write a script to keep you on topic and tell a story to hit your audience right in the feels. Use a personal, human story that people can relate to and bring in some emotions to connect with the main character.

Use illustrations

Illustrations come in handy whenever you have lots of information to pass on to others in a training video. They make your training videos more exciting and draw the eye of your audience.

Quick Start Of Incredible Templates

Fast and simple to kick off. Super friendly to beginners.

Get started with Doratoon

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